A message from AILA ASEAN network

Dear Colleagues,

Strengthening collaboration and fostering Applied Linguistics across national organizations are two of the aims AILA pursues, as illustrated by the new regional AILA ASEAN Network. This network exemplifies AILA growth and its valuable contributions to both our field and society at large.

Key topics in the December 2018 issue of the AILA Newsletter include:Launching the AILA ASEAN NetworkLanguage learning while cooking a mealTask-based language teachingApproaching migration, language, and identityInvestigating metadiscourse across languages and contextsTalking about metadiscourse: the AILA Newsletter highlights relevant developments in our field by providing you with hyperlinks to exciting recent entries in the AILA news database. If you wish to be informed about what is going on in Applied Linguistics, subscribe to the AILA Newsletter by clicking here: https://aila.info/.

Best wishes for 2019

Professor Daniel PerrinPresident, AILA International Association of Applied Linguistics

 Launching the AILA ASEAN Network

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