Congrès La Rochelle 2011

Swap shop

Nathalie Coheleach - Banking instructions (.PDF) ; Banking role play (.PDF) ; Balance sheet (customer) (.PDF) ; Balance sheet (advisor) (.PDF) ; Telephoning card services (.PDF)
Martine Devichi - Biography Ken Loach (.PDF) ; Looking for Eric (.PDF) ; Fiche pédagogique (.PDF)
Dan Frost - Describing my Saturday (.PDF)
Laura Gardiner - Mechanisms (.PDF) ; Teacher's Notes (.PDF) ; Bunnies (.PDF)
Jennifer Genevrier - Asking questions to someone you've just met (.PDF) ; Icebreaker (.PDF)
Anne-Isabelle Llanta - Improvisation exercises (.PDF)
Inés López Carrillo - Buscando Piso (.PDF)
Deborah Stockdale - The same as the teacher (.PDF)
Sylvie Theuillon - Sequence interaction nucler energy (.PDF) ; Evaluation E.O. interactive (.PDF) ; Verso grille évaluation (.PDF) ; News from Japan (mp3) ; Pros and cons of nuclear energy (.PDF)
Josée Vaquieri - Right computer for right person (.PDF) ; New laptops ; (.PDF) ; Buyers' guide - blank (.PDF) ; Buyers' guide revision material (.PDF) ; Buyers' guide expressing concern (.PDF) ; Laptop test (.PDF) ;
Josée Vaquieri - Oil success - with gaps (.PDF) ; Oil success - without gaps (.PDF)
Andrew Wraith - Earthday footprint worksheet (.PDF)